Older People in the Central Region Infographic


Older People in the Central Region Infographic

To raise awareness of our older people and some of the issues they face, the Central Region DHBs Health of Older People Network, are pleased to publish their second infographic.
We encourage you to read and consider the information presented in the  infographic (attached) and use it to:

1.       Share the infographic with colleagues and others across your organisation, either electronically or by printing it out and displaying it in areas frequented by staff  

2.       Discuss the information with your colleagues and consider what it means for how you, others in your organisation and those in your community interact with older people

3.       Start a conversation with an older person or their family/whānau on one or more of the issues highlighted in the infographic and see where it leads.
You will see we have highlighted some different characteristics of older people in the Central Region in this infographic.


Find the infographic here.