CCN Care Coordinators Forum

CCN established a regional Cancer Care Coordinators Forum to provide an opportunity to gain a better understanding of different care coordination roles and models of care based on location, tumour groups, service settings and people involved. Examples of care co-ordination roles include (but are not limited to):

  • Cancer nurses - primary, secondary and tertiary - service based as well as tumour based
  • Adolescent / Young Adult Cancer Co-ordinators
  • Cancer Social Workers
  • Cancer Society Liaison Nurses
  • Iwi based cancer co-ordinators

The role of the forum is to;

  • contribute and support cancer care coordinators functioning and share information and good practices
  • discuss issues and troubleshoot problems
  • have input and work on relevant components of the Central Cancer Network's work programme.

Meeting dates for 2010

  • Dates for 2010 are yet to be set but we anticipate 3 - 4 tele / video conferences and one full day face-to-face meeting.  Details of the face-to-face meeting, such as date and location, will be advised as soon as possible.

Recent Minutes


Open to all stakeholders in the CCN Region who have an interest in and/or work in the area of cancer care coordination.