Head & Neck Tumour Stream

Regional Clinical Dental Audit

In August 2010 a regional meeting facilitated by CCN identified that the funding and patient expectations associated with complex dental procedures relating to head and neck cancer treatment were significant issues. It was agreed that an information-based approach was required to inform a future discussion about dental pathways and the ongoing care (and funding) of complex restorations for these patients.

A retrospective clinical audit for patients diagnosed with head and neck cancer in 2006 (128 patients across 8 DHBs) is currently being undertaken.

A small working group has been established; Dr Robin Whyman (Senior Dentist and Specialist in Public Health Dentistry, HVDHB) and his team will provide clinical leadership and coordinate the clinical audit and CCN will provide project and analytical support.

The audit focuses on hospital dental service history, including the length of time with the dental service, mapping of the patient pathway and the number patients who require complex dental procedures and associated expense.

The project will clarify actual patient pathways and inform guidance about the appropriate funding of complex dental procedures.

For up-to-date project information see the latest CCN programme update or contact Shirlee McLean, project manager.

Last updated 16th January 2012