Lung Tumour Stream

The MOH signalled to DHBs and the Regional Cancer Networks that lung cancer was a priority for 2009/10, 2010/11 and ongoing into 2011/12. The focus areas include improving access to cancer treatment, improving waiting times (both surgical and non surgical) and addressing inequalities.

In 2008/09 CCN worked with service providers to develop a regional report (published April 2009) on lung cancer which identifies issues relating to the lung cancer journey pathway and makes recommendations to address these.The common themes identified in this report across all DHB regions included:

  • Access to Services – including early diagnosis, waiting times, provider capacity, delays in investigations/results and diagnosis and treatment including surgical treatment services, multi-disciplinary care and access to PET scanning,
  • Inequalities – including cultural, language and financial barriers, and rural isolation and geographical distribution.
  • Workforce Issues - including recruitment and retention of Specialist positions, and development of care co-ordination roles
  • Data/Information Systems – including monitoring the pathway, access to clinical data, consistency of data and lack of technology to support services
  • Supportive Care – including access to support services, patient information, communication between service providers and the complexity of the patient’s journey

CCN is working to address these issues and has identified the following regional activity (in relation to lung cancer) in the CCN Annual Work Plan for 2011/12:

  • Reporting on lung cancer indicators
  • Supporting regional implementation of standards in development by the National Lung Cancer Work Group
  • Convene a regional forum to share information on national and regional developments relating to the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer (?annual event).

The Regional Lung Cancer Steering Group (established in 2008) will work with the National Lung Tumour Cancer Working Group (NLCWG) to implement best practice in the total management of lung cancer in accordance with the recommendations of the NZ Cancer Control Strategy Action Plan, national cancer standards and any other guidance relating to lung cancer.

Regional priorities for lung cancer agreed by the Steering Group include:

  1. Implementing a conferencing solution that supports multidisciplinary meetings (including data collection)
  2. Support the development and implementation of national standards for the investigation, treatment and supportive care of lung cancer

For up-to-date project information see the latest CCN programme update or contact Shirlee McLean, project manager

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  • Last updated 16th January 2012