Consumer Representation

If you are interested in becoming a consumer representative for the Central Cancer Network a position description and expression of interest form are available below.

  • Expression of Interest for Consumer Representation
  • Position description for Consumer Representation
  • Terms of Reference

  • Terms of Reference
  • Meeting Dates 2015

  • 12th November 2015

    National Cancer Consumer Representative Advisory Group

    The inaugural meeting of the Cancer Consumer Representative Advisory Group was held on 29th March 2012 .This group has been set up to provide advice on the support, recruitment, development and training for cancer consumer representatives across the cancer spectrum. Membership of the group is made up of representatives of the regional cancer networks, NGO's and cancer groups and Maori and Pacific Island representatives.
    The Central Cancer Network is the lead network managing the Ministry of Health contract to undertake this work.
    The group will post an executive summary from its meetings.
    For further information about the group's activities please contact the secretariat at

    NCCRAG Executive Summary

    Last updated 8th October 2015