Faster Cancer Treatment

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Faster Cancer Treatment (FCT) is a patient pathway approach to ensuring timely clinical cancer care and will be measured by the following agreed indicators, for patients:

  • referred urgently with a high suspicion of cancer receive their first cancer treatment (or other management) (best practice timeliness measure of within 62 days)
  • referred urgently with a high suspicion of cancer have their first specialist assessment (best practice timeliness measure of within14 days)
  • with a confirmed diagnosis of cancer to receive their first cancer treatment (or other management) from decision-to-treat (best practice timeliness measure of within 31 days).
  • The implementation of the FCT indicators (the indicators) has been identified as a priority for District Health Boards (DHBs) and Regional Cancer Networks (RCNs) over the next 3-4 years.

    Currently there are four key implementation areas identified and these are described within the overarching CCN Regional FCT Plan, approved November 2012. These are:

  • FCT Indicators – ensuring systems are in place in DHBs to capture and report the indicators
  • National tumour standards – Tumour standards are needed to guide service provision and promote uniform standards of service provision across New Zealand as DHBs work to implement the indicators.
  • The following tumour streams have been identified for current development: bowel, breast, gynaecological, haematological, head and neck, melanoma, upper gastro-intestinal, sarcoma.  This link will take you to the consultation process that will be used for each of the eight tumour standards.

  • Care coordination – Within the Faster Cancer Treatment (FCT) programme of work the Ministry are investing in new cancer nurse coordination services within DHBs. The objective of this service is to appoint nurses in cancer nurse coordinator roles that will:
  • improve the experience for patients, including their family and whānau, with cancer or suspected cancer
  • improve overall access and timeliness of access to diagnostic and treatment services for patients with cancer
  • Multi-Disciplinary Meeting (MDM) development – implementing plans to implement the Achieving best cancer care: Guidance for Implementing Quality Multidisciplinary Meetings and increasing the number of patients discussed at MDMs
  • The Regional FCT Steering Group provides overall governance for the programme. CCN provides key leadership, facilitation and coordination activities.


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