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There are several components to the Supportive Care Framework which are interlinked and inform each other to support both government and non-government supportive care service providers and the workforce to plan and deliver quality care.




To begin your understanding of the work we recommend you review the model first. A model is a visual representation of the factors required to provide effective care. Models provide the hooks to hang the components needed to deliver and measure this care, and supports the system to maintain a common focus and sense of united direction. This will increase your understanding of the concepts around supportive care and the principles of the model need to be kept in mind when utilising the standards.


Standards and Competencies


Looking to the tabs at the top of the document you can then move to the standards and

competencies section.

Standards describe the type of services that a

person affected by cancer should have access to and provides a benchmark for high-quality care. The standards apply to any person or organisation that provides care and services to people affected by cancer in NZ. They can be used to form a basis for measurement of how well a service is doing and highlight areas of improvement.

Workforce competencies are matched to the standards to provide the health and supportive care workforce with information on the skills and knowledge required to give optimum supportive care for people affected by cancer. These are best viewed online where direct links to education and training about these skills can be found.


Quality Tools and Checklist


Adoption without adaptation will not contribute to resources which increase equity or maximise engagement. The resource links in this section provide an understanding of the considerations needed when developing a new tool or information.

A template of questions based on these resources can be used by project groups to consider what principles need to be adhered to when adapting resources to the NZ context.




Icons have been used to highlight specific areas of the Framework. Below is a key for the icons that will guide you through the Framework.




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Online resources

Equity statement

Last Updated October 2016